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Hello, fellow gamers, I am here today to propose an idea. Now, you may have read the title beforehand and already have a negative opinion on this, so hear me out. Many people pass through our lovely server, some of which are frequent ERPers and furries. What I feel could help boost our community up higher is if we include a built in "ERP chat", such as the trade chat we already have. The way it works is, you preface your ERP message with "/erp" and it'll put it into a different chat. People can opt out of viewing this chat by typing "/erpon" and "/erpoff" if they don't enjoy the lewdness going on. This could provide a boost in player count and lead to increase in donations. Please consider this with great thought.


P.S. Please give opinions in replies no haters plz thx
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This belongs in Suggestions Smile
This is sin, but good luck I guess /shrug

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