[DENIED] Form submission: Moderator Application
What do you bring to the table that others don't?: I bring forward a kind, positive attitude and do my best to encourage success from others.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

How much time can you dedicate to moderating every week?: You can expect to see me active Monday-Saturday from about 9PM to 12AM CST. I will be sure to let people know if I cannot be on, and/or can be on at a different time.

What is the most important problem on the server to you?: As a Moderator I generally expect to continue having fun on the server chilling, with the added bonus of helping players
through any issues they have to the best of my ability. Of course I will also ensure that all players are having the best
experience possible by making sure they are able to advertise their trades with minimal interruptions and encouraging players
to avoid discriminatory or racist language that may occur.

A regular on the server is flaming you or another moderator for muting them for inciting arguments. They spam chat and continue to change their name to bully admins.: I think it is important to make sure that nothing is being misunderstood. I do try to see people in the
positive light, but if things get out of hand there is no question what needs to happen. If I cannot seem to tame the
player in any way after learning the situation, and/or the player is ignoring requests to cease flaming, I shall punish in
a way that is fair and fitting for the situation. If I am in doubt of the situation for any reason, I may ask for other staff member's

Player A starts a spycrab with Player B. Afterwards, Player A complains Player B ran from said spycrab.: I would gather as much information as possible before proceeding and question both of the players, as well as any possible
witnesses or eavesdroppers. In these situations, I would like to note that if I deem a particular conversation as evidence I
will certainly screenshot it, as well as looking over any other screenshots, and pursue on a course of action I deem necessary
based on the information gathered. Again, if I am unsure of how to solve any particularly sticky scenarios, I will be sure to gather feedback
from more experienced staff members before proceeding. In general though, I will try to solve things myself.

A player has generally suspicious aim, but owns several Unusuals that indicate they might not be hacking.: I try not to base anything on the gear someone is wearing. In a doubtful situation, I will join Spectator and record their movements,
looking for any possible indications that they might be hacking without directly accusing the player of hacking. I may also check their
steam profile for anything looking suspicious there. I may also use various techniques to see if they are using certain cheats to see invisible spies, auto-reflect, etc. Of course, if they are spinning like a ballerina and looking up it is an easy ban. 

What is your SteamID?: SteamRep: https://steamrep.com/search?q=https%3A%2...terew0K%2F

Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/masterew0K/

Erm, I'm not sure how I duplicated the post here... sorry about that.
We have decided to decline your application for staff at this time, feel free to apply in the future.
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