How to Apply for Staff
Hey there! Looks like you’re interested in adding some responsibilities to your schedule! Golly ain’t that somethin’? First off, we gotta say we appreciate you dweebs for even playing on our servers and always making sure we have a community to turn to when we get lonely (cause let’s be fair, we’re all introverted as heck), but look at you! You’re going the extra mile and lessening our workload, so thanks for that, really! But as much as we’d love to, we can’t give management positions to everyone all willy-nilly. We don’t really have bosses or set jobs per se, so you’re *supposed* to take actions as you see necessary. Though that comes with a certain level of responsibility, motivation, and maturity on your part. Sure this is a bit of a weird way to do it, but hey, that’s what makes our community so nice-ish!

About Staff:

We’ve broken up our staff into 3 different branches: Administration, Marketers, and Developers. Each branch has its own unique roles, internal administrations, but most of all, love (hah gay). These jobs aren’t really flashy titles that everyone will know you by, but rather internal names the people within your branch will see. So with that in mind, check out how we score apps and the bunches of jobs you could probably do:

How We Judge Applications:

Here at NGS, we’re always trying to bridge the gap between staff and players, so we also want to have staff that sees things the way we and the community see it. Don’t dwell too deeply on that statement. It might have a contradiction and God forbid, misunderstandings. We score applications internally not only be looking at the application itself but also taking a look at how peeps act on our servers. To be completely honest, we only really wish for friendly and loyal applicants to move on to the staff, so we hope you convey that through your application! If you got through our application process and probation period, then congrats my dude, you’ve upgraded from server nerd to helper nerd!

Step 1:
Figure out what the heck you’re gonna do


Ah, marketers! These are the fellas that focus primarily on presenting the Neogenesis Network through art, writing, and interaction. Are you a mad lad with the brush strokes of the bad? Are you an English whizz that can make wading through dung appealing? Do you want to be the ambassador between the staff and the community? Do you just want to give away free crap? Well, then you oughtta try for marketer!
  • Artists, Musicians, and Film Creators (Content Creators): Ideally, these are actually people with past experience (although we do take anybody that has the motivation). Internally, these guys are called Content Creators, and their job is to do what they do best where they see fit! They will be tagged when needed, otherwise, they are expected to work on video projects, animations, and other self-driven projects for NGS!
  • Forum Administrators: This is a job separate from the Administration branch (it's actually in the Marketer branch) to keep admin abuse and corruption low. Forum Administrators will perform some basic moderation tasks as well as help Public Relations coordinate forum events 
  • Public Relations: Will work on writing announcements, articles, tweets, forums posts as well as handling feedback. You choose how you want to represent us, and have a chance to talk about it on the application! Your job is basically to keep things entertaining and classy. People within this job are going to be handling feedback, sharing crappy corporate memes, and keeping discussions rolling on the forums and in-game.
  • Raffle Meisters: Will be raffle admins on our raffle group. No need to pay out of your own pocket, NGS will supplement what it can out of our item donations coffer. Keep raffles rolling out, advertise using the provided in-game commands, and enjoy!

And now, a word from our Lord and savior, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft:

The much less wordy and much more straightforward position. Developers… well, develop. They build our network’s systems and services. You don’t really need prior knowledge (though it’d probably be helpful) but once again, we always appreciate the people tryin’a learn, so if you have the drive, then go for it bud! We’ll teach ya along the way. Who knows? Maybe you could put it on a college application? I don’t actually know if that’d count. Please don’t apply for that. I don’t want you to see you disappointed Sad


The even less wordy and more straightforward...y position. Have you ever been op-ed for your friend’s crappy Minecraft server? BAM! You already got experience (We actually don’t account for previous experience, so if you do have any, don’t bother listing it). These guys are the police of our servers, but please, don’t be a 21st-century reincarnation of the Spanish Inquisition. Having this position doesn’t entitle you the right to be a meanie-panini. However, we’ll make your job a bit easier with an admin menu! Coded by some loser in the Western United States, the admin menu will help you administrate with relative convenience! It’ll give you a wide range of commands to report a player’s wrongdoings which will then auto escalate their punishments based on previous behavior for you.

Step 2:

You read all that? Nice. You’re going to want to register on these forums and verify your account. Also, please make sure you’re active on the forums. Anyways, once you’ve found a position you’d like, choose a job from the list below. That’s right! YOU GOT MORE READING TO DO NERD. AND YOU GOTTA DO SOME DETAILED WRITING! Ain’t that a joy? We’ll give ya some tips on how to complete each application below.

Artists, Musicians, and Film Creators:




  • Spend time on the application! A lot of the application is not something that can be answered in a few short words. We don't grade the application in its length, but this is our one chance to know your writing and speech, especially if we didn't know a lot about you before. Treat it as a very formal introduction of yourself to us.
  • Remember that your application is not the only criteria used in the panel. Most people use their personal experiences with you to set up a reputation and judge you based on that reputation.
  • Avoid talking about past experience unless we ask for it! We usually don't count past experience on our servers as we run our group differently than most others. We consider ourselves to be more about the player experience than other groups, and it is an unspoken fact that we (to a degree) loathe the horrid treatment of players in other groups.
  • Avoid anecdotes! This means that stories and long monologues are not counted towards your chances in the application and may be detrimental to your chances of getting scored highly!
  • Message any Staff within your prospective job with questions about the application! It is always safe to ask what criteria each position has, and it looks good!
  • If you have any questions concerning these applications, feel free to post a comment below, or if you’re particularly impatient, bug one of us!
Once You Are Accepted:

So you've played the servers, written the application, and have finally arrived here. Congratulations! Take a moment to shake everyone's hands and crack open a bottle of champagne. You deserve this, and we congratulate you on being a symbol for the community throughout the whole process of the applicationin'. Now, while the expectations for the job are many, we won't ever force you into starting anything you don't want. Take your time, get to know people, ghost your colleagues around while we do things. When you feel you are ready, schedule a time with a higher-up to be trained and actually get the credentials for your position! We'll walk you through how to use all our facilities and how things works, so don't worry about a thing Smile

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