Server Rules!
Alright, going to post my current copy of the Server Rules we are rewriting. Tell me how this sounds.

  1. No game or map exploits (Building sentries behind one-way walls, building teleporters outside of the map, using the quantum crouch glitch to escape the map). Teleporters built in spawn and trampolines are allowed. Results in a warning/friendly lock.
  2. No hacking or cheating. This is a permaban without warning. 
  3. No running from a spycrab, agreed bet, or event with a prize (if you are providing the prize). Providing a different prize than promised constitues running as well. Results in a 1-week ban (escalating) and a warning to the victim to use a Middleman the next time around.
  4. Voice and chat spamming is disallowed, especially if it intrudes upon trade advertisements. If an administrator is unsure whether someone is spamming, administrators (or players) should call a vote-mute/vote-gag and go with that decision.
  5. Earrape and non-DJ players mic spamming are disallowed. General mic spam is restricted to DJ's and Staff, and both should follow the DJ rules. You can apply for DJ here: Spamming includes, but is not limited to, excessive or uncharacteristic moaning, yelling, or ERP.
  6. Do not hold toxic/heated arguments on our server. An administrator should step in if the argument is generally unsolvable, impedes on others' abilities to advertise, or is long-winded.
  7. Keep cursing to a minimum. Racial and homophobic slurs are not acceptable whatsoever. While we can deal with the occasional sentence of frustration, consistently or frequently using slurs is overall toxic. If an administrator is unsure whether something is too much, call a vote-mute/vote-gag and go with that decision.
  8. Sprays may contain NSFW content but should remain within the law and within the rules of the server. Racist, shock, and gore content is disallowed (and are illegal in some areas). Additionally, admins will honor requests to remove sprays, especially if they contain NSFW or shock content. Selling or usage of lewd Conscientious Objectors or other decal tools is allowed.
  9. The staff has the final say in any and all matters. This rule should not be invoked often and will reflect badly on you as an admin if used too often. When invoking this rule, discuss with another administrator before taking action and provide proof to higher-ups that the rule was discussed and justified to use. If a player feels that this rule is being abused, please leave a report here with as much detail as possible:
  10. While we allow some discussion of political, religious, etc beliefs, don't overstep the bounds into argument and debate.
  11. Don't impersonate staff (including DJs), we can take a joke but the line is clear.
  12. Friendly players should use !friendly to avoid death.
  13. While not required, we do highly recommend the use of Administration or verified Server Middlemen (will have an [MM] Tag) as middlemen for Spycrabs or bets.
  14. Refrain from asking for donations or begging for items, store credits, or steam games.
  15. Do not hold paid raffles, giveaways, events, or similar. All raffles, giveaways, events, and similar should be free, and providing a prize is never required.
  16. Do not post advertisements significantly or unrealistically overpricing or underpricing an item or selling an item that one does not have in one's backpack/inventory/possession or in a brokeree's backpack/inventory/possession.
This is what I have so far, what are your thoughts?
I agree. Although it can be looped hole with number eight by staff
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Nice catch, I forgot to add that they need to discuss with another Staff member that it is justifiable to use the rule before invoking, and THAT is the proof they need to submit to a higher-up.
Updated the rules to include a bit about what administration should do when invoking the golden rule.
When you have time, maybe this Friday or Saturday I wanna help you look over this to get a clear picture on what is right and wrong because it's still feel like it has flaws.
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For Rule 1: Using friendly mode to get into a player's spawn is allowed.
For Rule 1: Building a teleporter in enemy spawn is allowed, but only if the teleporter (and their engie) is in friendly mode.
Adding on a rule for baiting mutes related to the main server rules, extended trade advertisements that are way too long and have already got their point across, and people talking for long periods of time with no subsistence/point and sorta hogging mic a bit.
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