New additions to map?
I wonder if the current trade server maps can be changed, but i've seen other servers have some cool features on their maps. I was wondering if this was possible for someone to add some secret rooms and others to the map. So here are some ideas.

Mini-Parkour course: Allows people to parkour and try to make their way through a parkour course. This would be a really fun idea that allows people to do other stuff than just fighting when waiting on a trade. at the end there could be a:

Portal room: This allows easy access to secret rooms and sentry nests. This would be a really cool idea as it would allow for players to get where they want to go and explore the map. It would also prevent the map from feeling too small. I've seen this in use on the neonheights server, which uses one of the most popular maps ever. Most people love exploring maps. Which brings me to my next idea:

Secret rooms: I personally love exploring maps. When i first found secret rooms on other server's maps, i was excited. However, i was disappointed that the trade server doesn't have any secret rooms. However, we could put hidden rooms around the map which are concealed by fake doors or require the portal room to get to. This would make the map feel larger without making it massive while keeping the map interesting.

These have just been my ideas, but what do you guys think? How do you think the map can be better?
I second this! secret hunting is one of my favorite things to do in tf2 Smile the parkour course would be fun too, hope the devs take this into consideration! placing it in suggestions would be a better idea though.
With the redesign to the map, this is finally a possibility!

I wonder where we will put the secret rooms.... Smile

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