DJ Rules
Alrighty, some DJ rules I've been working on, sweet and simple.
  1. No Earrape.
  2. Maximum 2 songs or 10 minutes per DJ per turn, whichever comes first.
  3. Take requests: advertise that you are taking requests through !request [artist] - [songname] with a bind, and coordinate with other DJs using RDJC (/djc [msg] for single msg or just /djc for toggle)
  4. Music only. (That means no voice lines, quick 1 second spams,  meme music, or otherwise)
  5. Please refrain from playing over DJ's that are currently playing. When possible, also try and keep content fresh and non-overplayed Smile
  6. Make sure to mute your mic when others are making trade advertisements, to be courteous to your fellow mates!
  7. No using your DJ status to validate your spam. That is, you may not fight against a votemute by saying you are a DJ. Most of the time, the community will fight for you against the votemute.
DJ's are subject to a 3-strike rule when it comes to these rules. You are additionally expected to be generally friendly to players, as you act as a face of the server (this includes taking hints from patrons of the server on volume and quality of the sound).

This is what I have so far, what are your thoughts?

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