Looking For Empty Positions That Benefit The Trade Server
The title says it all, I'm looking for a helpful position to benefit The Trade Server.  I like the community and the higher skilled players that attend the server.

If someone could point me in the right direction to help get me started, that'd be great.

Thanks to TheXeon for introducing me to this forum.

You can definitely apply for any Staff position here: https://www.neogenesisnetwork.net/forums....php?tid=4

Also, this server is run generally through discussion and implementation of features by the community. If you have a feature you want, a new position you want to see happen, a new command or server or anything else, the best way to help out, by and large, is to participate in and start conversations about what you'd like to see Smile
I like this approach a lot, TheXeon. I just hope it doesn't devolve into something else over time, like some other communities did.
So far, the safeguards we have against both Players and Staff breaking the server seem to be holding up well. It's really brought us together, kind of removed that separation between Staff and Player, so when we say us, we really mean literally everyone. It's even allowed the entire community to think about expansion, rules, positions, partnerships, and more free stuff, all of which are things I'm sure no one person could ever dream of in the small amount of time it takes everyone at once 0.o

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