NGS Holiday Art Contest
NGS December 2017 Art Contest

The leaves have fallen and all around us, the weather is chilling us to the bone, and 2018 is shining on the horizon. What better way to send off the year with some MORE ART? It’s been 4 months since the last one, but after being graced with submissions like this, we had to do another one. So this holiday season, go and buy some paint or whatever iunno what you art nerds do, and get ready to contest-erize.

  1. Any art form is allowed! Drawings, paintings, SFM, heck we’ll allow interpretive dance (No one here can analyze interpretive dances)
  2. Using computer programs such as Photoshop to modify the entry is allowed.
  3. Must be SFW. (No depictions of sex, nudity, or intense violence)
  4. You are not allowed to use artwork made prior to the contest.
  5. You cannot have another artist submit an entry under your name. That right there is plagiarism. Shame on you..
  6. Contestants must be a part of the Neogenesis Trading Group or Discord channel.
  7. Keep things tasteful. Otherwise you’re just a really bad fellow.
  8. Digital entries must be in 1280 x 720 resolution
  9. You’re allowed to submit entries for both categories, but don’t submit the same entry to both categories, ya lazy bum.

Our deadline is January 15th. Wow. That’s like a week and a month from when we post this. Good luck y’all!

This time, we have two categories to choose from. The first is a theme like before; mystery. Once again, anything goes as long as the piece contains at least some element of mystery. So make it an edgy scout that dabs and kills 10 soldiers with a single pistol shot, I don't care. But as long as there is some level of mystery involved, it’s perfectly fine.

The next is the contest to decide our new mascot. For the longest time it’s been that weird purple dog thing. Yeah did you know it was a dog? Ducks are cute. They’re waterfowl. They taste great with bigarade sauce. For this next category, your job is to design a duck mascot which we may possibly use (pretty cool huh?). There won’t be a beginner and advanced league for this one, so all skill levels will be thrown in here. There’s also a secret prize for the winner of this one, but we’ll keep that a secret til the day of the deadline Wink.

There will be two available leagues for entry in order to give a fair chance to every artist.
  • This league is for those with the ideas to make the art, just not quite on the ball with the skill. Don’t feel discouraged if you feel like you don’t have the necessary talent or are completely new to art. There are hundreds of art guides out there and who knows? You may discover a natural talent or a new hobby! If you wish to submit an SFM poster, you must have less than 66 hours prior to the start of the contest. However, if we deem your art is good enough to be in the advanced category, you will be moved to that league.
  • This league is for you folks that have taken an art class or two in your lifetime. You just stroke those contour lines with passion and shade the spots with love. Do you need to get your art out there? Do you need an audience? Do you want to show off? Then submit us your art! No joke, I’m pretty darn excited to see what you guys can produce.

[Beginner League]
Winners: 1 Key, 1 Month Donor, Saxxy + Tag Good luck to all of our participants! We’re excited to see what you guys make!
Runner ups: 15 Refined, 2 Weeks of Free VIP, Memory Maker + Tag

[Advanced League]
Winners: 1 Key, 1 Month Donor, Saxxy + Tag
Runner ups: 15 Refined, 2 Weeks of Free VIP, Memory Maker + Tag
Yes! Good luck to the competitors Smile
Lol xd, here's my entry that I made in like 2-3 Days

First Attempt at Forced Perspective

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Here's my submission lol (2 perspectives )
Lucas's was far more professional +1 to him.

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And locked! Congrats everyone Smile

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