Introduction Thread
Whoa! Hello there! Introduce yourselves here, talk about your hours, interests, whatever suits your fancy!
Hi all! I'm TheXeon, the Head Developer of NGS, just making my rounds around here. I have over 5000 AFK hours in the war-themed hat simulator known as TF2, and I played a little bit of comp in my time. I am infamous for being AFK while developing for NGS, as well as for generally disliking Pablo: My interests include programming, EDM (of which I have a pretty cool playlist in my signature), and watching cartoons I never got to finish in childhood. I suck at managing things, people, and time, but I always try and take each day as another opportunity to learn from yesterday's mistakes! I'm a sucker for anything involving self-discipline and always try and practice what I preach. I have a Twitch account and my steam linked below:
Ill keep this short and sweet.

Sup im Humans Aren't Real and im just your run of the mill alien.

Im also currently in charge of the #DuckMovement 

You wanna know more about me you can add me steam and talk to me and you can also find out a lot of things about me on my steam page.
Hi, my name is Banned4Lyfe! I am currently a moderator on the server NeoGenesis Network for the game Team Fortress 2. I like to actively trade and play TF2, among a wide variety of different console and mainly pc games.

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